Irreversible Color Expressions - Ã…land 2013 _ report no.1
Thursday 28 June, 2018
Linda Worbin, The Swedish School of Textiles, University of Borås
Contemporary preconception of color within textile design is more or less
seen as a static and measurable phenomena, but in this project will the
opposite be investigated, textile colors are crafted to investigate expressions
that is evolving over time. This practice based design research project
presents a series of textile color samples that will give guidance to a number
of plant dyed expressions. Textiles are dyed without any mordant, meaning
no added chemical or salts that will influence on the color or color fastness.
The objective in this project is to investigate and visualize color changing
textile expressions from plant dye, and to verify the changing process within
the color samples. This will be documented and fulfilled in two phases:

Ã…land 2013 - Report no.1 (this report) plant dyed samples are documented
and presented as visual scanned color samples with foundational information
like; materials, plants, dyeing methods etc. Evaluation of first phase in the
project covering what visual color you get from different combination of
textile materials/fibres and plants etc.

Ã…land 2013 - Report no.2 (to be presented) same samples will be juxtaposed
and presented a second time, after being exposed to light etc. in x time.
Evaluation and comparison between the scanned samples presented in report
no. 1 and in report no. 2 with respect to visual color changes.

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